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The Continuum Method

Learn exactly when to take your MacuDopa and how often. Learn to stay 'ON'.

This method is Critical to your success with our Mucuna pruriens.

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Learn how to stay 'ON'.

You do not need to have 'OFF' periods where you feel slow, sluggish, locked, shaky, vague or low energy. Stay 'ON' and in the GREEN zone with The CONTINUUM Method.

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Want to know exactly how and when to take Macudopa?

Carry out a trial over three mornings, carefully noting:

• The amount of MacuDopa you take (how many capsules).

• The time it takes for MacuDopa to ‘kick-in’ (the time taken to have a positive effect on how you feel). This should be between 2 and 40 minutes.

• The length of time the MacuDopa is effective at supporting your symptoms. This is normally between 2 and 2.5 hours.

• VIP: Only eat breakfast after the MacuDopa has ‘kicked-in’, as food will compromise the absorption of MacuDopa. Only eat a breakfast that does not have a strong protein food. It is however essential to eat as soon as your MacuDopa has taken effect.

• After the morning’s trial continue with your normal regime (normal meds and diet) for the rest of the day. Start the test again on the morning of day 2.

NB: You must speak to your medical professional if you are on medication.

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A Graphical Overview

The CONTINUUM Method Step by Step Guide

Use our plan to help you establish a daily routine that works for you.

No more 'OFF' periods with our standardised MacuDopa.


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If you have any questions you are welcome to book a free 15 minute phone call with our functional medicine specialist Max Tomlinson N.D.   Book online here

Coming 'ON'

The time it takes to feel the supportive effect of MacuDopa. Approximately 20 - 40 minutes (absorption time).

'ON' time

The length of time where MacuDopa is effective and supportive. Approximately 120 - 150 minutes.

Coming 'OFF' time

The period of time where the support is diminishing, and you feel the need to take your next MacuDopa.

Optimum intake schedule:

1st intake of MacuDopa = 0 minutes

Coming ‘ON’ = between 20-40 minutes

• 'ON' and in the GREEN area in the battery charge image below = normally between 120-150 minutes, but your body is unique

• 2nd intake of MacuDopa. Taken before you feel yourself coming ‘OFF’. ie: before you get to the end of the YELLOW and into the BROWN in the image below.

Approximately 120-150 minutes after the first intake of MacuDopa.

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