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Our Story

Simple really.

We started MacuDopa to help Caryn with her condition. We all stepped in to create a mucuna range that would transform her health.

Image: Filipa, Caryn and Max | Co-Founders and Directors

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Fields of Gold

Caryn's Story

My diagnosis came as a huge shock.  I was young and had a brilliant challenging career in the global music industry. 


’I was quite frankly devastated and unsure what to do. I turned to my brother, Max, for help.  He is a very experienced naturopathic functional medicine practitioner, and suggested that I try the Mucuna pruriens bean.  My neurology Professor, based at London’s leading neurological hospital, was supportive.


Caryn discusses her MacuDopa journey* 

*This is caryn's personal view. This is not medical advice. Please consult your GP or neurologist if you have questions.

Together with Caryn,

Max and Filipa complete the team


I have worked as a naturopathic functional medicine practitioner for over 40 years, practicing in both the UK and Australia...


I am an award-winning medical book editor with experience in product development from concept to market...

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The Solution

MacuDopa with BF12


Our capsules are enhanced with our trademarked BF12 for added nutritional support. BF12 contains a carefully balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals and is based on a wealth of published research. We have full EFSA health claim approval. BF12 helps you get the most out of our HPLC standardised Mucuna pruriens.

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