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Our Story

We created MacuDopa because Caryn needed it. She was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease at 51 years of age. 

Image: Filipa, Caryn and Max | Co-Founders and Directors

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Company Mission

Finding a natural way forward...

Our company was built directly from the need to come together as a family and create a natural way to support Caryn, and others, with Parkinson’s disease.

Caryn's medical crisis, along with reports of an increase in Parkinson’s diagnoses around the world, created a family commitment to developing a product to support everyone living with the condition.

Fields of Gold

Caryn's Story

My diagnosis came as a huge shock.  I was young and had a brilliant challenging career in the global music industry. 


’I was quite frankly devastated and unsure what to do. I turned to my brother, Max, for help.  He is a very experienced naturopathic functional medicine practitioner, and suggested that I try the Mucuna pruriens bean.  He said that this natural approach had a vast amount of empirical and scientific evidence to support its use. Mucuna supplies a natural form of Levodopa (L-Dopa). My neurologist, based at London’s leading neurological hospital, was supportive.


Caryn discusses her MacuDopa journey 

From patient to CEO

Together with Caryn,

Max and Filipa complete the team


I have worked as a naturopathic functional medicine practitioner for over 38 years, practicing in both the UK and Australia...


I am an award-winning medical book editor with experience in product development from concept to market...

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The Solution


MacuDopa capsules are expertly formulated to support and stabilise even the harshest  Parkinson's symptoms.


Our capsules contain BF12 for added nutritional support with a careful balance of essential vitamins based on a wealth of published research and with full EFSA health claim approval.


A message from our team:


"Mucuna pruriens has been used in traditional medicine for many centuries as a source of Levodopa (L-Dopa) to support low dopamine conditions and to nourish the nervous system.

Mucuna pruriens worked wonderfully to support Caryn’s symptoms.  She continued to be effective in her high-pressure job without Parkinson’s getting in the way.

The major issue she faced was the poor quality of Mucuna powder available on the market and the fact that she could not rely on each intake to be effective.  In addition, dissolving strange tasting Mucuna powder in water was inconvenient and at times embarrassing. To make matters worse, her sleep was disturbed as she would have to wake up to take Mucuna powder.

MacuDopa capsules with BF12 brings positive change.  Our Day capsules are easy to swallow, and our slow-release night capsules will support a good night’s sleep.

We wish you well with your own journey. 

We hope to be part of it".

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