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Natural Support 

for your Parkinson's symptoms with our 

Mucuna Pruriens

food supplement capsules

Experience natural support for your symptoms with MacuDopa capsules containing HPLC standardised Mucuna pruriens food supplement.


Mucuna acts rapidly, produces a greater elevation of plasma/blood levels of levodopa and appears to be stronger acting than the synthetic versions.  In addition, the improvements achieved can be more durable, with a longer 'ON' phase. Our Mucuna also reduces your chances of developing drug-induced dyskinesia.*

Mucuna pruriens contains natural compounds, including carbidopa*, which enhance the passage of levodopa across the blood-brain barrier, improving its effectiveness in managing Parkinson's symptoms.

Our motto is: 'Living well naturally with parkinson's, until science finds a cure'. 

*Dr. Maldonado, Neurologist

'I finally have an alternative to my normal PD drugs. Thank you!'

LM Bournemouth, UK

'I do not suffer with dyskinesia anymore. I take less medication which makes me happy.'

PT Colorado, USA

Senior Couple

Our suppliers and manufacturers have these established trust marks.

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Our History

Caryn, our co-founder and inspiration, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 51.

Our company was built directly from the need to come together as a family to find a stable, reliable and natural treatment to support Caryn and people living with Parkinson's.

Caryn Tomlinson who is 51, and has Parkinson's disease. She take Mucuna pruriens and feels amazingly healthy.

What is MacuDopa?

‘MacuDopa contains HPLC standardised Mucuna pruriens, a natural food supplement which is a source of L-DOPA. Each of our Day and Night capsules contains 100mg of L-DOPA.


Macudopa is a gentle and effective approach to elevating L-DOPA levels in individuals with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Users frequently report a gentler, steady and more gradual impact compared to conventional prescribed medications. Macudopa provides a more subtle and steady experience, allowing individuals to feel normal, empowered and supported in their daily lives. The outstanding feature of MacuDopa is the fact that it greatly reduces the chances of developing dyskinesia, a nasty side effect of standard medical interventions.

Eminent neurologist, Professor Andrew Lees of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery has a patent on an extraction method for the L-DOPA in Mucuna.

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