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  • Night-time delayed-release capsules with added BF12. Our HPLC standardisation means our Night capsules work each and every time as expected to help you sleep more comfortably.


    Macudopa is a gentle yet effective intervention. Macudopa provides a more subtle and steady experience, allowing individuals to feel normal, empowered, and supported in their night routines.


    Users of Macudopa describe feeling normal, strong and, importantly, true to themselves. This unique characteristic sets Macudopa apart, emphasising a smoother and more harmonious integration into one's daily rest.

    MacuDopa Night 60 Capsules

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    MacuDopa Night
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    • MacuDopa Night contains Mucuna pruriens, a natural bean.  Our night-time slow release capsules offer an easy way to support your levels of Mucuna while you sleep, helping you enjoy a restful night’s sleep and to wake refreshed, ready for the day ahead. Our MacuDopa Night capsules are suitable for vegans and contains 700mg of standardised Mucuna per capsule, with added BF12.

    • We are happy to offer a full refund. Please return the product unopended and undamaged within 10 days. 

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