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Is your gut making you sick? Get an insight into the impact your gut might have on your brain and neurological fucntion.

Stool Test. Are your bowels making you sick?

SKU: MD015
  • Functional medicine links the brain and the gut. This is called the 'gut-brain axis'. What happens in the digestive tract really impacts on brain health. Knowing if your digestion is working well is an essential part of supporting your wellbeing long-term.

    We analyse your stool sample for health damaging parasites, bacteria and fungi by targetting the specific DNA of the organisms tested.

    ​We look for:

    Bacterial flora, h.pylori (plus virulence factors) viruses, yeasts, protozoa (parasites/worms), intestinal health (elastase, steatocrit, SigA, beta glucuronidase, occult blood and calprotectin) plus antibiotic resistance.

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