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Message from our CEO

(from Linkedin)


When I resigned from Universal Music Group last year, little did I know that my family and I would be launching a natural support product for people with Parkinson’s Disease during my ‘gap’ year! Talk about developing new skills.

My brother, sister-in-law and I created MacuDopa directly out of the need to find an effective plant-based product to alleviate my young onset PD symptoms. I was simply not ready to start on heavy medication or have to deal with the constant drowsiness they induce. I’m a ‘behind the scenes’ person, so it is really hard to talk about my diagnosis this openly, but I feel so energised and excited about life now I’m on Macudopa.

Natural options exist, they must be discussed and made available for the those dealing with what is now the fastest growing neurological condition globally. Specifically, products that use the evidence-backed Mucuna Pruriens, ours goes further, we use a HPLC standardised Mucuna with natural L-Dopa and it is available as a capsule. I am fortunate that my own neurologist was supportive of me taking Mucuna Pruriens from day one, but the product I was using was not standardised and that variable impacted my day-to-day life.

A diagnosis is challenging, but as many of you know, eight years in, I’m fortunate to be living life so well. Positivity and attitude play a big role, as do my partner, my family and friends! Thanks to MacuDopa, I’m still hiking, running up and down stairs, dancing [if you have PD you’ll understand the joy], driving, working like a demon and enjoying easy movement again.

The good news is that MacuDopa is effective for the full run of our condition and we have a vital slow-release Night capsule too.

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