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Diagnosed with PD after 70 - try Mucuna first.

Updated: Apr 6

Navigating Parkinson's Beyond Age 70: A Different Journey

A Parkinson's diagnosis after the age of 70 opens up a range of options on the path to treatment.

Later onset Parkinson's typically presents with gentler symptoms, more easily managed with a more wholistic intervention. In addition, the primary focus for older patients revolves around diligently addressing cardiac and general health concerns. The clinical aim is to avoid any potential conflicts with current medications. To achieve this, the suggestion is to begin with modest doses of Mucuna (MacuDopa), the ideal being our 700 mg HPLC formula at 63%. The dose and frequency can then be gradually increasing with oversight of a GP or neurologist.

Treatment options at this stage understandably call for a cautious mindset. If the clinician is considering explorating the use of mucuna, the key is to start with conservative doses, allowing for a gradual progression in dosage in line with symptom management.

This approach is centered on well-being and comfort as doctor and patient navigate the treatment together, ensuring that each step is taken with care and consideration.

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